"This is a community server, which should mean everyone is friendly and helps each other. In order to avoid any problems, we have established the following rules. See these rules as guidelines, ingame situations may differ. When you have a problem with someone, always try to work to a solution with that person first. If this does not resolve the problem, you may contact a staff member.

The staff team can always change the rules as situations may occur. When causing problems, you risk the chance of being banned."


  • Don't spam in the chat.
  • Any kind of offensive, racist or sexist language is forbidden.
  • Dont create fake messages that can manupilate other players.
  • Advertising for other servers in any way is forbidden! (this also includes mentioning other servers!).
  • Don't ask for a promotion! You can obtain donator ranks by donating and staff ranks by doing an application to become staff which is available once every few months.


  • Griefing is forbidden. You may never touch others builds without permission of the owner of the build.
  • Any kind of stealing is forbidden. If a player is missing stuff from his/her chest and your name shows up, you have a problem!
  • Killing players their animals is forbidden.
  • Any kind of hacked client or x-ray is forbidden.
  • Teleport killing (TPA killing) is not allowed!
  • Abusing bugs is forbidden. You have to report them to staff so the bug can be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • AFK machines are forbidden. If the plugin doesn't detect it, it is bug abusing!

Donator rules:

  • Offensive nicknames are forbidden.

Other rules:

  • Offensive skins are forbidden.
  • Offensive names are forbidden.

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How to get started

Welcome to our community <3
Most is very straightforward. Like just play minecraft and have fun lmao. We are fairly modern for a minecraft server though, so our wiki is very detailed. but we try to keep our network and features as clean and straight forward as possible.

How to play:

Our IP address is
(Little note for Bedrock players: If you are on any other edition than java, you can leave the port on the default port 19132)

(We are a community and network but only the Survival Server is online right now (we will re-release a Creative and War Server in the near future))

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Commands and Features

Most stuff is pretty straightforward, especially if you're used to Minecraft servers. We run a few very common plugins like /spawn, /sethome etc. If you are unfamiliar with commands like that feel free to look at this tutorial.

Note: We will re-release a War and Creative Server in the near future, this page regards the Survival Server.

Some notable commands (NOT ALL):

  • /1v1 to challenge anyone to a 1v1! (Click here for more info.)
  • /rtp to randomly teleport across the map.
  • /pw to open the PlayerWarp menu!
  • /sethome to set your home! You can always teleport to your home by typing /home
  • /spawn to travel back to spawn.
  • /vote to vote and receive a daily reward.
  • /ah for the AuctionHouse

For a full list of commands click here.
Most features are mentioned in the tutorial section.

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All Commands


  • /spawn to travel back to spawn.
  • /sethome to set your home.
  • /home to travel to your home.
  • /delhome to delete a home location.
  • /warp to list all available warps.
  • /warp <Warpname> to travel to a warp.
  • /msg <Playername> <Message> to send a private message to a specific player.
  • /tpa <Playername> to request to teleport to a specific player.
  • /tpyes to accept a teleportation request.
  • /tpno to reject a teleportation request.
  • /back to return to the last location you teleported from. (You can unlock a feature in /shop to have this include locations where you die so you can quickly return to it)
  • /bal [Playername] to check your own or somebody else's balance.
  • /pay <Playername> <Amount> to pay a specific player a specific amount.
  • /baltop [Pagenumber] to list all player balances from high to low.
  • /kit to list available kits.
  • /kit <Kitname> to claim a kit.
  • /realname <Nickname> to check the real ingame name of a "nicked" player.


  • /griefreport [Additional Info] to make a grief report.
  • /bugreport <Describe the bug> to report a bug.
  • /ticket <Message> to make an ingame ticket.
  • /discord to get the Discord invite link.
  • /website to get the website link.
  • /wiki to get the Wiki link.
  • /donate to donate to the server and get a Supporter rank.
  • /rtp to randomly teleport across the map.
  • /shop to open the ServerShop.
  • PlayerWarp commands.
  • AuctionHouse commands.
  • Griefprevention commands.
  • Duels commands.
  • Crate commands.
  • Blocklocker commands.
  • Quickshop commands.

Unlockable through /shop:

  • /trash to open a trashcan, drop items in here to get rid of them. Useful while mining. (WARNING ANY ITEMS THAT YOU PUT IN HERE WILL GET PERMANENTLY DELETED WITH NO WAY OF GETTING THEM BACK)
  • /craft to open up a crafting table anywhere anytime.
  • /ptime <Time> to set your personal time (so like you can make it so you can permanently see the server as if it were daytime, Note: only affects you.)
  • /ptime reset to reset your personal time and see the server default again.
  • /pweather <Weather> to set what weather you experience (Note: only affects you)
  • /back after you died to teleport to where you died.

Unlockable by donating:


  • /nick <Nickname> to set a nickname.
  • /afk to set your status as AFK.
  • /pv to open your PlayerVault.


  • /pv [Number] to open your PlayerVault.
  • /hat to wear the item you are holding as a hat.
  • /co i to toggle the inspection tool.
  • Also gets some commands from /shop for free.

Note: The < and > symbols stand for parameters (arguments), make sure to replace these. So for example /msg <Playername> <Message> could become /msg claytorch Heya sillytorch how u doin
<Parameter> is a required parameter.
[Parameter] is an optional parameter.

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Armor Stand Editor

You can make armor stands have any position or pose you desire.
Some really cool stuff can be done with this.

Pretty easy to learn without a tutorial, simply right click air while holding the tool to open the menu.
And right/left-click an armor stand to use the tool.

For more reference click here.

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We have something called an AuctionHouse, anyone can sell and buy items on here.
To open the menu use /ah
To sell the you are holding for $100 use /ah sell 100 (You can replace 100 with any amount you want)
Optionally provide a specific amount if required by using /ah sell price amount so for example /ah sell 100 5

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How to claim land

If you don't want to risk getting griefed make sure to claim your land!
You have 500 total claimblocks if you just joined, you can buy extra claimblocks in /shop

How to claim land:

Start off by getting the claim tool by using /kit claim
Use the tool to select two opposit corners of the land you want to claim (For reference look at this picture)
It will automatically claim the area.

Useful commands:

  • /trust <Playername> to give a player full access to your land
  • /untrust <Playername> to remove a player from your trustlist
  • /ContainerTrust <Playername> to give a player access to chests only (not building)
  • /trustlist to see a list of players you have trusted
  • /AbandonClaim while standing in a claim to remove it

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How to contact staff:

This post will describe several ways on how to contact staff.

Making a support ticket (Ingame and on Discord):

You can create a support ticket both ingame and on our Discord. On Discord head over to the #support channel or use /ticket ingame.

Reporting a bug:

To report a bug use /bugreport ingame or open a ticket in the #support channel on our Discord.

Reporting griefing (and get it repaired):

If you've been griefed use /griefreport [More info] while standing where the grief is.

Reporting an user:

To report a specific user use /report .

Emailing Josh:


Note: Everything will automatically be sent to all staff through Discord, so don't worry if no staff is online c: We will help you as soon as possible.

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Crates is a reward system we have!
You can get a daily key by voting and open it at /warp Crates
(If you've voted/received keys while offline or your inventory was full, use /crate claim to claim any unclaimed keys)

Simply right-click the key crate with your key to receive a random crate c: Left-click any crate for a preview!

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You can challenge anyone to a 1v1.
The duel will be held in a premade arena with predefined kits (which you can select in the menu)
Which means no items will be lost

Use /1v1 Playername (Note: replace "Playername" with the name of the player) to invite someone to 1v1

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You can make simple elevators!
To do so simply place an orange wool block with a yellow carpet on top and repeat this for every floor you want.

Example: this image

Make sure floors have the same x and z position and it should work automatiacally.
Use spacebar/shift while standing on an elevator to go up/down

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How to earn ingame money

There are a few ways of earning ingame money right now, I'll list them here.

  • You automatically get $50 for every 30 minutes of playtime.
  • You can receive $100 daily for voting by using /vote
  • You can sell items to players by using our AuctionHouse or by making a PlayerShop

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How to link Discord

By linking your Discord account you get some free ingame money and Crate keys.
To link your Discord join our Discord and in Minecraft use /discordsrv link and follow the steps.
You will be given a code which you need to DM (Direct Message) to our official bot (@MythicBot in our Discord).
If you need any help feel free to contact a staff member by opening a ticket in the #support channel on Discord.

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How to lock blocks

Without claiming land you can still lock things like chests, doors and furnaces.
Simple right-click one of these blocks with a sign to automatically lock them.

For reference look at this picture
(For doors you can also place the sign on the block directly above or beneath it aswell as have a timer for it to automatically close)

To give someone access to the chest right-click the sign and use /blocklocker 3 Playername (The 3 stands for the line number)
To allow hoppers access to the chest right-click the sign and use /blocklocker 4 [Redstone]

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PlayerWarps is essentially a plugin that allows you to set public (or password protected) teleportation points for anyone to visit!
It's great for things like shops, towns or just anything c:

To open the menu simply use /pw and it will open a fancy GUI with all playerwarps listed in categories.
To set a playerwarp use /pw set Warpname (replace "Warpname" with any name you want) NOTE: this costs $1000
To travel to a specific playerwarp use /pw Warpname (Replace "Warpname" with the name of the playerwarp)
If you want to sort your playerwarp in a specific category, use /playerwarp category Warpname Categoryname

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Making a shop

You can make shops so players can buy goods from you!
(The AuctionHouse can also be a method for this)

How to create a shop:

Right click a chest while holding an item you want to sell.
Enter the amount you want to trade the item for.
Put the item(s) in the chest.

For more shop settings right-click the sign.

How to use a shop:

Hit a shop sign.
Enter the amount of items you want to buy.

If you want to make a public shop you can use the PlayerWarp system so anybody could travel to it.
If so make sure to sort your warp in the shop category by using /playerwarp category Warpname shops

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To buy stuff like extra home's, more claimblocks, extra perms and more for ingame currency
Use /shop

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Very basic stuff

If you are unfamiliar with Java based Minecraft servers it might be worth checking out this tutorial.
It's all very straight forward, but feel free to ask staff or general chats for help.

Most important things to know:

It's just Minecraft, you can just play the game like you would on any other platform.
We have additional features described on our Wiki
You can save your base location and teleport to it anytime by setting a "home". To set a home stand at the desired location and type /sethome after setting it you can teleport to it any time by typing /home
You can claim chests and doors so nobody else can access it by placing a sign on them.

It's basically just minecraft, but we provide extra features to make gameplay more fun, easy or straightforward and clean.
We run some very common features that a lot of servers have and also make our own.
If you want to learn about these features feel free to check our Wiki and especially the Commands and Features and Tutorial sections.

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How to vote

You can receive a daily free Crate key and $100 ingame currency!
Simply use /vote, click the link and follow the steps.
Voting helps to promote our server.
(If you've voted while offline or your inventory was full, use /crate claim to claim any unclaimed crate keys)

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More Info

The network supports all editions of Minecraft.
This includes anything from Java to Bedrock. (Even Xbox, PlayStation or mobile versions can join.)

We support any version from 1.9 to 1.17.x
(This may be revised in the future.)
But for optimal experience use the latest version of Minecraft.

Our IP address is
(Little note for Bedrock players: If you are on any other edition than java, you can leave the port on the default port 19132)

Technically the network version is Alpha. We will re-release a War and Creative server again in the near future.

We develop the server alongside community. This really is our server, we wanna be open to ideas.
Very sick to have such a helpful community.

The Network is powered by MythicCore, custom server back-end software developed specifically for this server.

We are non-profit and (MOSTLY) open source, all donations go towards the server, full detailed changelogs are released, and plugins are open source (Github).
This also means that all staff (and players) invest their free time and effort into this, it's a "passion project". We do this because we think it's fun.

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This is bold and this is strong. This is italic and this is emphasized. This is superscript text and this is subscript text. This is underlined and this is code: for (;;) { ... }. Finally, this is a link.

Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

Heading Level 4

Heading Level 5
Heading Level 6


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i = 0;

while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
    print 'Iteration ' + i;

print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';



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  5. Etiam vel felis lorem.
  6. Felis enim et feugiat.





Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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